How To Stay Motivated During The Third-Month Slump

At the beginning of the year, you established a list of great goals and resolutions for yourself. Various things that you wanted to set out to accomplish in 2018. Some involving work, some personal, and some social. The most common new year resolutions involve health and wellness.

Whether you want to lose weight, workout more, eat healthier or focus on your mental well-being, these goals tend to be at the very top of people’s resolution list. And for good reason. A new year welcomes the opportunity to start fresh and renew a promise we make to ourselves to constantly grow and become better individuals.

You carve out your goal/resolution list at the end of December or the very beginning of January. Since you are feeling determined and excited about your health and fitness goals, you commit to it fully during January. You find yourself going to the gym every day, buying a Fitbit, and swapping french fries for salads. Basically, you are killing it.

When February comes around, you are still pretty strong on your goals and resolutions. You may have skipped a day or two at the gym and you are sneaking the occasional slice of pizza (I mean how can you resist!?), but for the most part, you are still on track with your goals.

But then March hits, your excitement and motivation for these goals that you set what feels like forever ago is lacking. You may become annoyed at all the meal prepping you have been doing, you make excuses not to workout, you are letting negative thoughts affect your mood, and you become content in the progress you have made over the last couple of months. You start to slowly give up on your goals. This is what we call the third-month slump.

The month where people tend to hit a wall with the fitness goals that they set at the beginning of the year. It’s very common for people to lose their fitness motivation to stay healthy and on-track during this period. Which is why we have some awesome tips to help you stay motivated during the third-month slump.

Pair Up With A Partner

You may be more likely to stick with your goals if you have someone who is working on similar goals themselves. You both will keep each other on track and be there for one another when it starts to get rough. It’s all about accountability! Having a partner in this process makes it less lonely — you’re cheering on your friend and watching their progress and they are doing the same for you.

Track Your Progress And Reward Yourself

When you actively track your progress, you begin to see how far you have come and how much further you have to go. They say “no matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everybody on the couch.” And when you reach a milestone in your fitness/wellness journey you should reward yourself. Now, rewarding yourself doesn’t mean straying from your goals. It just means finding a compromise or some type of fun reward. The reward could be buying a new Tornado Shaker Cup or booking a trip to a destination you’ve always wanted to go to. Whatever keeps you motivated and excited.

Remember Why You Started

You set this particular goal/resolution for a reason. Remember why you did. Was it because the doctor told you a scary diagnosis? Did you look in the mirror and not like what you saw? Was your body telling you that it wasn’t functioning properly with things you were eating and drinking? Remember the vision you imagined of how life would be when you reached this goal. Don’t lose sight of why you started or else you’ll never reach the end.

What are some ways you plan on pushing through this month and staying on track with your goals? Share your tips and tricks in the comments section below!


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