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Tornado Shaker For The Outdoorsman

Let’s be real, if you are an outdoorsman, you often come to the realization that there is just not enough space for everything. Whether you’re planning a hike trip, a camp trip or even going hunting, you’ll be spending a great deal of your time revisiting your gear to leave only the bare minimum, ‘the necessary’, the absolutely important. Well, you don’t need to carry extra gear when something as simple as a cup can serve you multipurpose.

The Tornado Shaker is a blending/shaking cup that comes with its own battery operated motor base at the bottom, making it totally portable and easy to carry outdoors on hike/camp trips. In addition to that, it’s easy to wash and serves as a shaker as well as a cup you can directly drink from. Here’s how a tornado shaker can serve you outdoor:

1) Protein Shaker

Many out on the field like to take a good deal of protein shakes with them. It can last you a day, is super easy to consume and prepare and won’t tax your digestive system. But if you’re using a regular cocktail shaker, which does the job but leaves you with the clumps of your protein powder down in the cup, it only hurts your time and money. Of course protein powders aren’t cheap and so all that clump equates to waste.

The Tornado shaker, although with a plastic blending mechanism, will leave you no clumps. No clumps - no waste.

2) Meal Replacement Shakes

A meal replacement shake is always a healthier option over skipping meals or filling up on junk, especially when out in the fields. The shake comes filled with all the nutrients of a complete meal. So, instead of carrying a bulk of food with you, keep all your ingredients for your replacement shakes and your Tornado shaker cup.

3) Scrambled Eggs

Tornado shaker claims to blend a couple of eggs on the go. Whether you wish to make an omelet or are just scrambling them to consume up pretty quickly while you are on the trail, the shaker does the job well. All the while, saving you the extra gear you’d otherwise have to bring to do all that.

Just crack open a few eggs and blend them in your Tornado Shaker cup. Pour out the blended eggs onto a solo stove pan and enjoy.

4) Cocktails

Your favorite Margaritas and Martinis can be deliciously yours, even when out on the field. Here’s how: take all your favorite ingredients in your Tornado cup (the cup has its very own bar for measurements! Woohoo) and leave it on to blend the ingredients to it’s rich, scrumptious taste. Add ice later on and enjoy. Bear in mind the shaker does not suppose hard stuff, because that is not what it is made for.

The shaker’s cleaning options are relatively simple. It doesn’t leave much residue. Rinsing it out, especially on the field is super easy. You can place it back in your bag and your all set to go. Occasionally putting a little detergent and letting the shaker do the cleaning itself will help you get rid of any critters that try to invade.


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